Spirit Week

This week at S’s school is spirit week. Every day the kids are supposed to wear specific clothes, like: pajama day, wear a certain color and Tuesday was fancy clothes day.

I loathed spirit week when I was growing up – and i don’t remember having such activities in elementary school. The most we had was the “wear green on St Patrick’s day” (which i always forgot). When I got to middle school and high school, spirit week always put dread in my heart – i could never manage to wear the right stuff on the right day, either through lack of the stuff, or forgetting.

But S loves this kind of thing.
So last week, we got an email from the PTA listing the themes for this week:

  • Monday, 12/16: Pajama Day
  • Tuesday, 12/17: Fancy Clothes Day
  • Wednesday, 12/18: Class Color Day
  •  (K-Blue. 1-Red. 2-Orange. 3-Green. 4-Black. 5-Purple.)
  • Thursday, 12/19: Career Day–Dress for your future career.
  • Friday, 12/20:  Funky Friday–Wear Wacky Clothes

So far we’re on track for hitting each day (not sure what he’ll come up with today for “career day”), and i was actually happy about Tuesday – it gave us one more opportunity to see S in his suit:


(S asked me NOT to post this photo on Facebook – does blogging count?)

J is watching me write this and said “What about me?”, so here’s a recent shot of him:

J, the Blue power ranger for Halloween

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