A shabbat-free shabbat

I noted on FaceBook today our dear friends who made every effort to get home from their Disney vacation in time for Shabbat.  They, of course, planned ahead, and have everything ready to go (apparently), with some help from worthy accomplices.

We are never so foresighted in our Shabbat planning.  Not at home, and never on vacation.

We try.  We did bring candles, and prayer books, and even the implements to make havdalah – the separation between the divine time of shabbat and the secular time of the week, which closes the 25 hour observance of shabbat.

But, it was pretty clear, at about 5:30pm, when we were still at Hollywood studios, and we had FastPasses for Dad and S to ride on the cool, fast, scary rides (Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror) at 8:05pm and 5:45pm respectively.  We had hoped to be able to connect with our in-laws/cousins for Shabbat dinner, but that didn’t seem to be workable, given limitations of our new car (only seats 4, and we were 5 today, with my MIL, who joined us).  At the end of the day, we decided to simply return to our rental townhouse, and have microwaved leftovers from yesterday’s feast.

Getting home was a slight challenge.

Since Dad had parked the car in the morning, after dropping me and the boys off at the park, and then returning home to get his mother (again, since we can only fit 4 bodies in the Volt at one time), I was looking for the car, and he was trying to describe to me, over the phone, where the car was.  We finally found the car, and headed back to the townhouse.  Part of the way there, I realized that I didn’t have a housekey for the townhouse with me, so we had to figure out a plan.  We got back to the security gate entrance to the resort we’re staying at, and I launched into my explanation: “husband and son left back at the park…husband has both keys…didn’t figure this out until I was halfway here…do you need to see my ID?”

Security guard: “No, no need to see your ID, that’s too good a story to be made up!”, and she kindly let us in.

MIL entered the clubhouse, and was to wait there, while I went back to the park to pick up dad and S, with all the housekeys, so that we could get into the townhouse.

Drive back to Disney Hollywood Studios, and wait in the parking lot with the now solidly sleeping J in the back seat (he fell asleep practically as soon as we left the park the first time with MIL), until dad and S were done with their Aerosmith ride.  Apparently, that ride was a blast, with lots of twists and turns, and drops, and even some time upside-down, and S was thrilled with it.

Dad and S finally emerged, and we got in the car and, again, headed back to the townhouse.  On the way, we discussed whether we should try to recover any Shabbat ruach (feeling/intention), but we agreed, this would be a “shabbat-free shabbat”.

Sadly, S cheered this idea, but I think he really would miss shabbat, if we didn’t do it as we do.  I know that I am sad that we are not observing shabbat this friday night and saturday.  but, we’ll get back on track next week.  That’s the great thing about Shabbat, there’s always next week to look forward to.

S did ask: “Will G-d be mad that we didn’t make shabbat?”

I answered: “G-d will be OK with it, and will be happy when we make shabbat next week.”

Shabbat Shalom, to all who observe, and a restful weekend to all.  Especially on this weekend after Thanksgiving.

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