Where were you born?

The original premise of this blog was to get myself and my readers thinking outside boundaries, both geographical and cultural. In addition, just a couple of weeks ago, my daughter took advantage of the fact that I have British citizenship, and she was sworn in as a subject of the United Kingdom. Her action prompted me to renew my own British passport, and now I can freely travel within the EU.

It made me think again about how one identifies oneself – and, the first identity many people define themselves by is “Where was I born?”

So, I’m throwing that out there – where were you born? How does your birthplace identify you?

2 thoughts on “Where were you born?

  1. Robin (noteverstill) says:

    I almost never think about it (Athens, GA, USA) but I'm sure I would if I looked or sounded like I might not be American.

    1. Janaki says:

      some of us might think that coming from GA is like being from another country – in fact, as Zemer Chai's choir rehearsal last night, we were talking about the Freedom marches (50 anniversary of the first march was yesterday, apparently), and we noted that none of us are from the South!! As such, we didn't feel as if we had a real personal experience with what that period of time was like.

      You're a bit young to have personal experience, but I wonder if your parents have memories of those times?

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