Voice recital

I sang solo, in my voice teacher’s annual spring recital, this past Sunday. It was my third or fourth year participating, and the first time that I felt reasonably well prepared. Every year, my teacher Beverly Diaz encourages us to invite friends and family, and this year was the first time I actually did tell anyone about it (before the fact, rather than afterwards). A few of my friends said they might come, and the thought of someone who knows me personally hearing me sing (especially my choir friends from Zemer Chai) made me extra-nervous. In the end, no one I invited was there, but I think I’ll probably be brave enough to invite people next year!
It was quite an experience – I had hoped to leave Rockville no later than 1pm to get to the performance site by 2pm to practice with the pianist. Unfortunately, we didn’t get out of our house until 1:30, and then we discovered that the gas tank was empty. And, of course, as always happens when one is in a hurry, it seemed like we hit every red light! So, we arrived at the recital 15 minutes before the program started – I did get to run through my piece with the pianist, but I was last, and she shortened up the intro, so I didn’t really get to feel what it would be like to hear her, and feel confident about my entry (and I sang from memory).

Then I got up to the hall, and didn’t see Ron or the kids. I sat down and waited, and when the first singer started, I texted him “Concert’s started”. I was fifth or sixth on the program, and the family trooped in during the second performer. It was aromatically obvious that J had a diaper full of poop, but I didn’t see the diaper bag. Oh well. The boys sat very nicely throughout the next three songs, clapping politely, and then it was my turn. I took a few deep breaths, and was surprised that my voice sounded steadier and freer than I would have thought possible given all the stressors of the day. And, within a couple of minutes, it was all over. I took my mini-bow, and scooped up the baby to take him and his poopy pants out of nose-shot!!
So, next year, I look forward to an easier recital experience, and hoping that the nerves will be less frayed. But now I know that even with a number of additional sources of anxiety, I can perform creditably. And my voice teacher was very complimentary of me at my lesson this week!

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