Triumph over faulty hardware

Yes, that’s a picture of our kitchen garbage.
We remodeled our entire home about a decade ago, and the kitchen was a complete redo. We installed all new cabinets, and have loved them, but the kitchen garbage cabinet, which glided smoothly for about two years, and then something went awry, and it wouldn’t slide out all the way. We have gotten used to giving it a good hard tug to get it open enou to slide our recycling into the rear bin.
I had called the company a few years ago, and was told that I must come into the showroom to get the replacement part. But their hours weren’t convenient, and I just never got in there, but, today, I had to stay home for a few hours with the kids, and I figured, what better opportunity to go to the showroom?
So, I drove over to the Reico showroom in Bethesda. The stars were clearly aligned in my favor, as there was a parking spot right outside their door. We pulled in, and I showed the staff my photos of our non-functioning cabinet (pulled out to the maximum it would go):

Initially, the woman there told me that I hadn’t needed to come in, as I could have ordered the part by phone (despite having been told previously that I must come in), but then, another guy came in from the back, and said “I think I have that in the back – let me look t that photo again.”. And, lo and behold, he came out with a box of hardware that they had ordered a year ago, but had never needed.
And they didn’t even charge me! All I spent was the quarter I put in the parking meter.
After dinner, I installed it, and it works just like new! So satisfying.

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