Things find their way home

I don’t know about you, but in every house/apt I’ve lived in, I don’t immediately know how to organize my stuff in the space.  I find that I initially put something somewhere, or locate a piece of furniture in a certain spot that seems obvious, and later, I find that it doesn’t work, and I have to relocate that item, or that chair.  The corner cupboard shown above, with the “lazy susan” style shelves, didn’t immediately speak to me as to what should go there, but, over the past few weeks, the items that seem to “want” to live there, have been finding their way there.

My desk spoke to me a couple of weeks ago, and told me I needed to rotate it 90˚.  I obeyed the call, and it’s so much better! 

So, slowly, my new space becomes familiar, and my things find their place within that space.

And I find mine.

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