The Magic Kingdom, and beyond…

It’s 45 minutes before midnight, and I wish I could cook some of the meal we will enjoy tomorrow, but with my MIL sleeping on the sofa in the living room, which is really just the other end of the first floor that the kitchen is in, that’s not a go. So, I’m posting briefly, solely for the sake of NaBloPoMo, but not nearly as much as I would hope to write…

Impressions of the day –

  • we planned to get to the Magic Kingdom at 9, and I think we got there at about 9:15…amazing, for us!
  • we hoped S would be back to his old self, but he was really only about 50%, but he soldiered bravely on, and he got to enjoy Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain
  • EVERYTHING frightens J!! (More on this in another post!! It was truly unbelievable)
  • it was a really a good idea to get a stroller for J (thanks to Arlene, for the tip)
  • when you’re at a place like Disney World, where all the staff are incredibly helpful and friendly, and so are most of the guests, the obnoxiously rude people REALLY stand out as RUDE!!
  • J is very susceptible to getting grouchy when he needs to eat – we keep forgetting that!
  • Tom Sawyer Island can take a lot of time, especially when you’re 4 and you’re battling certain demons (like a fear of the dark – and you finally make it through the scary tunnels, on the third try!)
  • even the PeopleMover can be a scary ride if you’re 4 (who knew?)
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin ISN’T a scary ride, especially when you’re 4 and you can control the spinning of the seat you’re sharing with your mom

So, happy cooking to all in preparation for tomorrow, and may we all be thankful for our blessings.

I’m thankful that we are having a lovely vacation, despite the downside of a sick child. Thank goodness he’s definitely on the mend, and I hope he’ll be his usual loud raucous self tomorrow.

I’ll have a lot of cooking to do tomorrow, so, let me crank this iPad down, and bid you all a good night.

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