Building a Jewish Home—On My Own – Tablet Magazine

Source: Building a Jewish Home—On My Own – Tablet Magazine

This story hit home for me, and then, while reading it, I was asked that the writer had been abandoned by her husband after only 7 months! My marriage had lasted 22 years before imploding.

But, the notion of placing mezuzzot on my doorways in my apartment did really give me a sense of place so many months ago, when I moved into my funky little Federal Hill place. I loved picking them out, and then affixing them with the blessing. And now, especially when I come in my front door, and even more so on Monday night, when I’ve been down to Rockville to do my parenting routine with the boys, and I come home around 11pm, and I’m too exhausted to do anything more than fall into bed, the tree that holds the scroll on my front door comforts me.

Front Door

Into the Kitchen

Into the Living Room

Boys Room

My room