Switching seats

For a long time now, S has claimed the passenger side seat, and J gets the seat right behind me. This arrangement allowed me to have conversations with S when J wasn’t yet talking, and S and I could make eye contact (or, at least, he could see part of my face while I was driving and talking to him.
J and I realized, this week, that these days, it’s often just him and me in the car together. S takes the bus to school in the morning, and in the afternoon, I usually pick up J first, so he and I have time to chat before S joins us.
So, i suggested to him that we move his car seat over to S’s spot.
J was nervous.
“S might be mad.”
I agreed “Yes, he might be mad, but we’ll explain why we made the change. I’m sure he’ll understand.”
We made the switch on friday.
S might find out about tomorrow.
I hope he’s not mad.