Stuck inside…thanks Sandy!

I read with appreciation my thoughtful friend’s words in anticipation of today’s deluge courtesy of Sandy:


I was also anticipating a lovely day at home with boys. And, for the most part, it has been.


  1. pumpkin pancakes for breakfast
  2. reading stories
  3. two sets of drawings of S and J, executed by S and delivered by J, with the earnest instruction that we each bring them to work and hang in our offices
  4. a walk outside in raincoats and rain boots to splash in puddles and feel the strength of the wind (only about a 1/2 block walk, as the wind was kind of scary)
  5. baking two pumpkin pies from scratch, using the cut-out parts of the jack-o-lanterns we carved yesterday, and without all the ingredients (missing nutmeg – we ended up approximating by taste)
  6. now, we’re sitting in our family room, warmed by a toasty woodstove, watching the amazing movie “Up”, and enjoying J really seeing it for the first time (every time before, he’s fallen asleep about 15 minutes in)

What will the night bring? The maps show the eye of the storm hitting us in about 3-4 hours. So, this night should be an adventure, but we’re pretty well stocked (sadly, no generator, like some of our fore-sighted friends), and we have a dry basement (and a dry entire house, so far). Our power will probably go out (it always does), but we have a gas range.

So, let the wind blow! We’re together.

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  1. I'm glad you guys fared well. We got lucky!

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