So much stuff to write about…Namaste

I’m overwhelmed.  There’s been so much going on.  It’s hard to know what to write about.

We got buried in snow.  It’s melting. Yay!  I feel like I should have written about that, but it’s already feeling like a distant memory.  The main thought I kept having through it was that this was like the snow storm that we were blasted with in the first two weeks that we brought the boys home.

The presidential primary season has started, and I’m following that circus with some glee, and some trepidation.

Work has been presenting unexpected challenges, but it feels like I’m humming along professionally as well as I’d like to.  I  hope that doesn’t jinx me, but it feels like I’m dancing with the universe and I’m in step and rhythm.  (This feeling could be totally delusional).

In my family, it feels similarly in sync – my daughter is happy (as far as I can tell at a distance), our boys are doing well, my husband is struggling with a deadline at work, but conquering it.  And I’m even in contact with my mother and sister, which isn’t always the case.  Life is good.

And, I’m wondering how much this is due to yoga.

It could be total coincidence, but I’m so happy to be back in a regular class, and even occasionally practicing now and again.  Yesterday, JJ joined me in Tree Pose, and Downward Dog, and Bound Angle Pose.  We did Dandasana (Staff Pose), which I personally struggle with, and JJ wasn’t sitting up straight, so I coached both of us to sit up straight with shoulders back, and arms straight.  We had a lovely laugh together because his arms are much longer than his trunk, at this point, and that means that his shoulders get pushed up.  He sweetly said to me “You can be my yoga teacher.”  And I thought “We can be each other’s yoga teacher.”

This morning, my yoga class at Unity Woods was particularly strenuous.  We did many of the poses that cause me anxiety, right now, although I remember finding equanimity in them decades ago.  I was so pleased to be able to move into the poses, at my own limits.  I don’t push it past where I’m comfortable.  That’s OK.  I’m not the most flexible  one in the room, and I really am more challenged now with balancing poses than I ever was, and those have always been particularly difficult.  But I’m finding that I can accept my limitations, and that’s good.



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