No, this isn’t a reflection on skin color, but on skin smoothness.

When we first brought the boys home, and put them in the bathtub for the first time, I was struck by all the scars they had all over their bodies.  It hadn’t been so noticeable before, when they had clothes on, but on their torsos, their skin was simply pock-marked – I suspect mostly with the accumulation of insect bites.  They also both had healing ulcerations on their upper arms where they had received their BCG injections – the vaccine to reduce the likelihood of tuberculosis, mostly in childhood, which is given to many in developing countries.

I had initially thought, “How sad, that they have such marked skin”, and I presumed that the scars were permanent, but within just a few months, their skin had cleared, and now, there are only a couple of small scars left on each of them.  The skin has been replaced, over time, with lovely clear dermis, and I’m always so impressed with the healing that is possible, every time I give them a bath.

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