Random connections and memories of a 3-yr-old

We got pizza tonight up in Olney after picking up S from our kind friend who brought him home from the bus. On the way home from a satisfying, but slightly loud dinner, I stopped for gas, and J piped up “We went to the moon doctor when I was sick!”

I thought “Huh?”, and looked at him to see where he was pointing.

What had caught his eye was the sign across the street:


Now, we went to the Rockville location of this clinic sometime last fall – but the logo caught his eye, despite glare from the sun shining on its window. Amazing! It makes me realize that the 3-yr-old mind is constantly taking everything in, without much filtering, and everything makes an impression and even small things make lasting memories. Fortunately, this doctor’s visit wasn’t a traumatic memory (no shots involved).

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