Opus No. One

I love This American Life!! It’s broadcast on Saturday afternoons in our area, so I almost never get to hear it on the radio, so I rely on their podcast.

But, sometimes I fall behind on my podcast listening.

So, although we are already well into February (how did January fly by so quickly??), I only recently listened to their January 17 show, titled “Stuck in the Middle”. The whole show is wonderful, but Act One had me laughing out loud!! Especially when the hold music that this guy was so entrance by was finally revealed, which doesn’t occur until nearly 10 minutes into the story!!

Click here to open This American Life’s page where you can listen to Act One online.

I have been spending the morning returning patient calls, and dealing with various patient care tasks – many of which involve calling around our hospital system, and invariably spending minutes on hold. And, I hear this music, which is apparently the default music that Cisco installs on all their phone systems, and is installed on most hospital and medical systems. I DO NOT LOVE this music! But, I am a bit sad that the poor guy who wrote the piece never made anything from his work. You can listen to the entire program here:

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