Music & Art

This morning, while J was eating his Cheerios, he started singing “The Farmer in the Dell”, and when we got to the “child takes a dog”, he insisted “Elephant!”. Huh? So I started singing “the child takes an elephant…” but he ran into the family room, dragging me by the arm, and pointed up at this Fisher-Price toy that is supposed to teach the alphabet. One of the settings is “music”, and each key plays a different nursery rhyme, and, what do you know? The letter “E” that has an elephant on it, plays “The Farmer In The Dell”!!

And he sat down and played merrily for 15-20 minutes, selecting a variety of songs and “dancing” with his upper body to each song. Long enough for me to grab the camera and tape this:

You may hear S in the background saying, “Take a picture of me! Take a picture of me!”, so after taping J, I turned the camera on S’s favorite creative activity – the visual arts, in this case sculpture. And he sang a little serenade in the second clip, to his creation!!

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