Light therapy

I have suffered from mild-moderate seasonal affective disorder (which has the amazingly apt acronym – SAD), for many years, and have considered getting a lightbox for years.  But, I hate to wake up early, and I could never figure out where I would be able to place a light box into my home where I could actually benefit from it, since I was always waking up at the very last minute, racing out the door and driving for 45 minutes to an hour to get to work (almost always late).

But now, since I am living on my own, and don’t have to worry about bothering the person on the other side of the bed, I invested in a lightbox/alarm clock!  It’s called the Sunrise System Light Box.  You can find it where I did, online, at We’ve only just passed the return to standard time, and we aren’t anywhere near the depths of winter when I usually experience my mood plunge (sometimes just a dip) – that usually happens around January/February. But, so far, I have noticed that my energy level seems better with the exposure to light in the morning.  It’s very cool – you set when you want to wake up, and how gradually you want your personal “sunrise”.  I have mine set for 6:30 and a 30 minutes sunrise, so this morning, this is how it started:

Just starting to lighten my room

And, fifteen minutes later, it looks like this:

Yes, I still have my Omer cards on my bedside table.  I suppose I should put them away until next year.

OK, it’s Election Day, finally, and I didn’t get a chance to vote early, so I gotta go out and vote!

And you should too!  See you on the other side of this crazy election year!

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