Last night circling Fed Hill for a parking spot…

I’ll be moving at the end of the week.

When I move, I will have a parking pad in the back of my new apartment, so that I won’t have to worry about where I’ll be parking my car.  For the past year, I’ve lived in Federal Hill, on one of the main commercial streets in a trendy area of town, with several bars and night spots in my immediate neighborhood.  My location has led to noisy Friday and Saturday nights, and difficulty finding a parking spot on the streets on those nights, especially when I get home late on these busy nights (and even on the less busy weeknights).  Sometimes, that means that I have to walk several blocks with shopping bags, or personal belongings, to get home from the car.  And it also means I have to make sure I remember where I parked the car, to find it again in the morning.

My boys, when they stay with me, don’t like the circling-the-neighborhood to find a parking spot game any more than I do.  And my younger guy really hates having to walk any great distance.  So, I think he’ll be most excited about the idea that we’ll have a parking space right by the new apartment.

I hate moving, and didn’t really want to have to move again after the move last year, but I am hopeful that this will be the last move for at least a few years.  I am hoping to become rooted in a new neighborhood, especially since this place is quite near my synagogue in Baltimore, and I love being able to walk to synagogue on Shabbat again (and this time, really close – Google maps says it’s a 6 minute walk!).  The apartment is a bit smaller than my Fed Hill apartment (but that also translates into a lower rent, which will be helpful), but there are quite a few advantages:

  1. there’s a farm in the next block, and I am looking forward to participating in their CSA, and also getting myself and the boys over there to work and volunteer, and be involved in growing plants and community.
  2. there’s a lovely bay window in the living room, and i think there will be plenty of light – i’m on the second floor.
  3. it should be quieter than my place in Fed Hill, especially at 3am on Friday and Saturday nights
  4. there are two full bathrooms – my Fed Hill place only has one bathroom, which is a little bit challenging when there are three of us here.
  5. we’ll be right near the Baltimore Zoo, and Druid Hill park.  My runs will now include a lot more hill training!

So, wish me luck and a smooth move.

2 thoughts on “Last night circling Fed Hill for a parking spot…

  1. Chava Gal-Or says:

    Thanks for sharing….

    May the move fill you with blessings & light.


    1. janaki says:

      thank you so much!!

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