“In Ah-meri-cah…”

We started hearing this introduction to observations by S, which we soon figured out were actually memories of his life in Africa! I think he must have heard something along the lines of “You’re going to America with your new family” while at the orphanage, and he interpreted that to mean that “America” means “place that is far away that you travel by plane to”.

So, we got: “In America” –

  • “we ate corn” (a favorite of both kids, and a major crop from the Sidama region)
  • “we ate Injera” (the spongy bread typically served with Ethiopian food)
  • “my daddy killed a chicken and hung it up from the ceiling” (!!!)
  • “my daddy killed a goat and we ate the meat” (!?!?!?!)

I think he’s finally got it that “America” doesn’t mean “land far away”, and he sometimes remembers to say “In Africa” or “In Ethiopia” as a preface for these memories. I’m so honored that he shares these perspectives with us.

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