I want S’s dirt!!!

We are so deep in the throws of 3yo angst – it’s actually funny! You just have to laugh, or you’d cry…

When I got home tonight, I found Dad was at the end of his rope, and clearly 3yo J had been screaming in the car on their way home. So we tried to get both kids directed towards dinner and, ultimately, bed.

6yo S decided he wanted to sweep (am I gonna argue with that plan, especially since he was pretty effective with a broom), which, of course prompts little brother to also want to sweep. But, can they both sweep? No – J must sweep ONLY S’s dirt, and cannot be convinced that the dirt doesn’t belong to anyone, there’s plenty for everyone to sweep!!!

Dad took him upstairs to his room to calm down, and downstairs, S and I heard the anguished wails, that eventually subsided. Then, I hear Dad saying “OK, Mommy will change your diaper if you stop crying” (lucky me, huh?). They come downstairs, and J holds down his sobs long enough to ask “Will you change my diaper, please?”. The handoff occurs, and I take the volatile child up to change his diaper.

But the source of sadness is just below the surface, and, despite my best efforts at distraction, he ultimately remembers his original complaint “I want S’s dirt!!!”. And the wailing resumes…

Who knew dirt was so valuable?

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