Getting silly while doing homework

So, not even wanting to go to the thoughts that I have about why my kindergartener is being assigned regular weekly homework… (another time for that rant!)

It was Tuesday night, and the homework is always due on Thursday.  We’d completed about half of it on Sunday and Monday (we almost never get started before Sunday).  The following night, Wednesday, I would be at choir rehearsal, and I didn’t want to leave it all for Dad to do at the last minute.  But we were a bit late getting started, and I knew S was tired, so I didn’t want to push him past his limit of patience and concentration.

This week’s homework involved identifying complete and incomplete sentences, and also categorizing nouns (person, place, thing).  We were working through a page with a list of words that he had to put into the proper category, and I was having him sound out each word before deciding which category to paste it into.  We had done “girl” and “boy” – in the “person” category; “school” and “park” – in the “place” category; and we already had “book” in the “thing category.  He was sounding out the word “p-e-n-c-i-l”.  His first guess whenever he sees the letter “c” is to use the “k” sound, so, he was sounding out “penkil”.  I suggested that he try the “ssss” sound for the “c”, and this resulted in him dissolving in giggles (and me too), while he sounded out “p” – “e” – “n” – “ssssssss” while he wiggled his hands in the air, and shook his head back and forth!  We laughed and laughed, as he did this little game again and again.  So I pulled out my phone to record this funny moment, and this is the result:

If you can’t hear the end, he’s asking “Everybody’s laughing?”.  He thinks that videos get uploaded instantaneously!!

So, please comment and tell me whether you laughed or not, so I can tell him that everyone’s laughing!

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