End of Day #1…resting up for the climb!

Our first sight of the Dead Sea...getting close!
I stayed at a youth hostel in Ein Gedi, with the rest of the “On-Road” riders, and Ron’s “Challenge” group, as well as the “Off-Road” group, went 20km further to Masada. The first photo shows me standing on the edge of the road, as we caught our first glimpse of the Dead Sea. The next photo will be familiar to many of you…it’s the point on the road down to the Dead Sea where one crosses the “sea level – elevation 0m” sign, and that perennial camel lives there (we didn’t take picture of the poor beast this time!). It’s another 300m down below sea level to get to the salty waters of the dead sea.
Ron & Janaki at sea level
The last photo is of the Dead Sea, facing the eastern Jordanian banks of the sea.
Sunset on the Dead Sea

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