Day 2

This morning, Janaki started out with Jelly-Belly, and Ron walked over to the big kids compound with another adoptive dad in our group of 7 families, to bring Silly Sal back to play with us and his brother at the guest house. We’d been told that Silly Sal and his brother were very close and played well together, but they honestly seemed like strangers – so hard to know how long it’s been since they spent any time together, and how short their memories are. At any rate, my hope that Silly Sal might be a big help with his little brother on the way home is muted now! That said, Silly Sal clearly recognized that we expected him to be loving to Jelly-Belly, and he offered assistance, and a gentle kiss, through the day – each time looking up to check that this was indeed what we expected from him!

It was a lovely day – most of which I spent cuddling with Jelly-Belly, alternating with helping him practice out his two-leggedness, holding both his hands for support, and Silly Sal hung out (quite literally) with Ron, half the time kicking a ball around, and half the time being thrown upside-down over Ron’s shoulder and squealing with glee. Bottom line – good bonding happening!

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