“Chickpeas Butter Mushroom”

“Chickpeas Butter Mushroom”: My Recipe!.


This recipe looks wonderfully yummy!  It’s posted on a blog that I follow – I don’t know Vikram, but he seems quite a talented guy. I’m hosting a big party for Hanukkah this Sunday, and I am considering including some international flavours in the menu. This may be a part of the mix.

I’ve become quite happy with my mastery of latkes, and I made sufganyot (jelly-filled donuts) for the first time last year (and they were SO delicious!). The dear husband is a little worried about the pre-party preparations, but I’m getting kind of excited about the whole thing.

I’ll post photos…we’ll see how things work out.

As for tonight’s cooking, I have promised J pizza to take to school, and I finally decided to make dough tonight to bake a personal pizza for his lunch tomorrow, and I discovered that my kitchen aid standing mixers dough hook was missing. I searched everywhere, and couldn’t find it. I suspect J has sequestered it somewhere, as he sometimes borrows it to play Captain Hook! Will I ever find it? Who knows? I doubt he will be able to tell me it’s whereabouts tomorrow morning…

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