Next big thing…

I’m buying a house.

By myself.

I’ve been a co-owner of a total of four homes in my life, but each time, I could rely on someone else to pay attention to all the details, and trust that we are making a sensible decision that we could afford.

This time, it’s all on me, and it’s daunting.

I have a lot of kind souls giving me advice. My daughter is amazingly sensible, and unafraid of money, so I bounce ideas and questions off her. She asks me questions, and forces me to justify what I’m thinking. She calls me on my sometimes irrational decision – making, which is helpful. It’s good to feel that I’m not really alone in this. I’ve also got several friends who I’ve been checking in with through this process. Sometimes, of course, getting too many opinions just makes it all more confusing.

But, the best thing is that I’ve chosen to work with a realtor who knows me as a friend, and who knows that I’m anxious. Her solution of my anxiety is to educate me, and she has been talking me through every step patiently and clearly. I feel like this tactic is what I often find myself doing with patients. It’s helpful.

So, onward I go in my journey to be confident in my independence.