Can’t wait to jump in the pool

This spring I’ve been behind with everything.

It’s very frustrating, but especially with two areas of life/activity that are dependent on the weather – gardening and our swimming pool.

It suddenly got hot! 90 degrees today, and nothing would feel better at the end of a day like this than to jump in the cool water. But it’s cloudy. No longer green and thick with algae, but not clear. And, the chemistry is kind of scary right now. Either too avid or too alkali, until I get all the parameters in balance.

J is eager to swim, but a little anxious, as he remembers last summer. He spent much of last summer experimenting with “what sinks” and “what floats”, and he’s convinced that he will be a sinking entity this summer. But, we’ve been discussing it, and he’s coming around to the idea that he might, in fact, swim. After all, he’s been learning to do more and more of the things that his skilled and athletic brother can do, so why not swim? True, his running is slower (so frustrating), and his jumping is lower, and although he recently learned to do a nice somersault, he can’t stand on his hands yet, or turn cartwheels. But, maybe he’ll swim…

But, not until the water is clear. Argh!


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