Weekend project

A challenge to blogging daily for a month is Friday and Saturday, since from 18 minutes before sunset on Friday until after sunset on Saturday we don’t write or use technology. How did you do it, Father Goof???

So I’m cheating a bit, with an image of the pile of clothes that need to be sorted through. A good homely task.

2 thoughts on “Weekend project

  1. I have learned from past years to "stock up" a few posts. Pro bloggers call them "evergreen" posts- they're always fresh, i.e., they're a story that you could use any time in the month, not related to a specific day or event. I have a half-dozen of them in draft, currently all marked 11/30, and I'll change the date and use them as needed. So think of all those fun anecdotes you've never gotten around to typing out and get going!
    Oh! Another thing that helps for me is when I'm alone in the car I dictate my posts to my phone. I like the app Dragon Dictation for that.
    Good luck NaBloPoMo-ing!

    1. Janaki says:

      thanks for the advice!! I really am wondering why on earth I decided to do this, but now I'm in, I guess I'll go for it…I don't think I've ever managed to do anything for 30 days straight!! They say that anything you do for 2 weeks becomes a habit – I don't think I have any habits at all (at least, not good ones, except maybe reading).

      thanks for the supportive words.

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