Vacation Angst

I’ve written here before how much taking a vacation gives me fits of anxiety.

We didn’t take a proper vacation this past summer.  We did spend a lovely 4 days in Florida in June joining the celebration of our niece’s graduation from high school, and then we spent another weekend at a family camp in Pennsylvania.  But neither of those short trips felt like a proper vacation.  I was hoping for a week at the beach, but it never quite came together.

In mid-October, I received an email from SniqueAway, which sends me daily tempting offers of deals on hotels at lovely destinations around the world.

This offer was for Orlando, FL – a 2-bedroom townhouse near Disney World – so, in two days, we will pile into the car and drive down to Florida for a week in relative sun and warmth!

And, my anxiety is rising.

  • Will the drive down be exhausting?
  • Will the boys sleep, and let us make good time?
  • Will they enjoy Disney World?
  • Will Thanksgiving go smoothly? (we’re looking forward to hosting my husband’s brother’s family and my MIL for Thanksgiving dinner)
  • Will the drive home be tolerable?
  • Will we be over-exhausted on our return?
  • Can I afford to take a full week off work (yes, it’s not the most productive work week of the year, but still – my clinics in the weeks following are over-booked, so I know that I’ll pay a price for this time away).

So, I’m trying to remind myself to breath deeply, and lower my expectations.  And, I will hope that we all have a memorable time, and will come home rested, and ready to survive the winter!!

Wish us luck!

Oh, and check out SniqueAway – follow the link, and I’ll get $25 for your referral!!  You can get the same deal by telling your friends, too!


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