Trip to Chicago

We landed in Chicago this morning, and we’ve been walking all day – what lovely weather, especially after just leaving the already sweltering DC clime.
One thing I’ve learned so far – nothing beats visiting your spouse’s childhood home to clarify some of the “issues” that have mystified you for years!! No, I won’t share what revelations I’ve had on this blog, but let me just encourage anyone who is in a long-term relationship to let your partner take you to the place they consider home, and show you around – you never know what will emerge!
I’ve been to Miami plenty of times with Ron. But there was never any real emotional content to those visits for him. Funny. I always teased him for hanging on to his passionate identification with Chicago as his hometown. From my perspective, his hometown is Miami – that’s where he went to high school, he went on to college and med school in Florida, his family lives in Florida – Florida is home!! But, that’s from my point of reference, not his! For me, Palo Alto is home, because , prior to living in Palo Alto, from age 11 on, I had never lived in one place longer than 2 years, and most of the places that I had lived in had been for stretchs of only a few months. So, for me, prior to settling, such as we settled, in PA, I had no other real place to identify as home…
But Ron definitely did…
I think I’ll be much more forgiving of his attachment to this city.

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