Toward Living Memory with Tiya Miles [On Being]

Toward Living Memory with Tiya Miles [On Being].

I love the program On Being with Krista Tippett, and I subscribe to the podcast (since the program is generally aired at 7am on Sunday mornings here in DC, I find it more convenient to listen at a later time (sometimes, I end up listening BEFORE airtime, as the podcast is often released a few days before the broadcast).

But there are times when the name of the interviewee and the topic just don’t strike me as likely to interest me, and I can end up accumulating podcasts on my playlist. This was the case recently, within the last two weeks. I had to go in to work on Saturday morning to make hospital rounds, and I decided that, since my Sabbath was being interrupted, at least I might listen to On Being, and get some enlightenment.

I was well-rewarded, with both this particular program, and the next one, that I’ll comment on separately. This interview with Tyla Myles, a MacArthur “genius” grant awardee, struck a number of chords. One impression, in particular, was the occasions that I have met patients in my practice in Baltimore who claim Native American heritage, and who hold that up as an ennobling quality that makes them “different” or “special” in the African American community – it’s such an interesting dynamic. And, the idea that the oppressed should become oppressors in order to gain/regain a sense of dignity.

Listen, and I would be so interested in other responses to this amazing interview.

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