The Yoga journey continues…

I went to my second class of the winter session at Unity Woods yesterday.  Last summer, when I decided to resume yoga classes (and, I hope, develop a regular yoga practice), I enrolled in a level I/II class that is held at 8am at the Bethesda studio.  I thought that 8am on a Sunday morning would be least disruptive to my family, but I soon realized that 8am was not only disruptive to me (the only morning of the week when I can reliably sleep in, since Saturday mornings we usually go to the synagogue), but also it left my poor husband stuck with getting the boys ready in the morning, and getting the younger one off to Hebrew school, which can be a challenge.

So, after that first session ended, I enrolled in the level II class, which starts at 9:30.  This works well, since I can then help get the kids ready, and drop J at Hebrew school on my way to class, and then pick him up when my class is done.  Perfect!

Except that the level II is significantly more demanding than the level I/II. I described previously my epiphany about Half Moon Pose – Arda Chandrasana – and how I no longer the key to moving freely into that pose, even though I know in my head how it should feel.  Well, yesterday I was challenged with Warrior III pose – Virabhadrasana III – a pose that, unlike Half Moon Pose, which I had at one time felt fairly confident in achieving, I never really could do.  Yikes! It looks like this:

From the website Yoga Art+Science

From the website Yoga Art+Science

It was humbling – I just don’t have the leg strength (or back or arms).  It was motivating to get practicing on the mat more regularly!

And at the end of the class, we did headstand.  I haven’t done headstand for at least 5 years, and I was thinking “OK, I’ll just to the preparatory pose – I can’t actually go up”.  But, I did!  And it felt great!  I’m always surprised at how the inverted poses are so energizing.  It’s a remarkable thing to be upside-down.

So, onward in my yoga journey.  I’m feeling recommitted, and excited!


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