Getting healthy

A lot of people who know me – actually, just about everyone – has commented on my weight recently. I lost 30 lbs, thanks to my health coach, Robin Katcoff, and Take Shape for Life.

I met Robin at Beth Am, and she kindly invited me to her home for Rosh Hashanah last fall. We, of course, discussed what we do, and she told me she trained as a pharmacist, but she currently worked as a certified health coach, and that she had lost 30 lbs on this program. I told her I was interested in losing a little weight, but mainly I just wanted to get healthier. I ended up agreeing to work with her, and signed up for TSFL.

I started the program in November, and was a little nervous about my trip to England, but Robin assured me that travel was possible while on the intensive weight loss part of the program (called 5+1, because you’re eating 5 PCMR (portion-controlled meal replacements) and one “Lean & Green” meal). She was right – i did stay perfectly on track during the trip, and the weight fell off. My original target was to lose 15 lbs, but when I hit that goal, it was so easy, I kept going until I was down 25 lbs. I then transitioned to the maintenance phase of the program, and, in the process, lost another 5 lbs, for a total of 30 lbs less of me, and a lot more energy and feeling great in my body. I never purposefully dieted before, but i had been on and off using apps to track calories in a half-hearted attempt to lose weight. This program was so easy, and sensible, and i never felt hungry or deprived.

Now, I’m running regularly, and signed up for my first 10k in 7 days. I had to donate all of my pants, sized 10 and 12, and am slowly accumulating a new wardrobe of size 4(!) and 6 pants. I had been choosing loose dresses that concealed my round belly, but now I’m enjoying wearing close-fitting dresses.

It feels great, and I’m so glad that I met Robin and launched on this new way of treating myself and living my life with greater consciousness about how and what I eat, and how I feel. Learning how to deal with stress is a big part of it as well (and, there’s been a fair bit of stress in the past year, with all the changes).

If you want to lose weight, and make positive changes in your health, I highly recommend contacting Robin, and checking out TSFL. Tell her I sent you!