Song is Universal

So, my hope to start posting on a more regular basis is slightly thwarted at this point by the upcoming concert of Zemer Chai (“living song”), the choral group that I am honored to be part of for the past 2 years.
But, in thinking about singing, I realize that song is a connection to language and to nationhood that I have valued throughout my life – my strongest memory of being a 4-year old in Sri Lanka is the song “Handu Hami” (not sure of the transliteration) – a song about the moon. As children, we learn language from nursery rhymes and lullabies, and I think, even adults, learn new language more easily and fluently through song.
So, if you live in the Washington DC area, I hope that you will check out our concert on Thursday, May 29th at Temple Emanuel, in Silver Spring, Md. You can view more information about our concert here, at the Zemer Chai website.

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