Sick day #2 (sick kid #2)

Well, it’s always a bad sign when S is quiet. And it’s very rare.
I probably shouldn’t have said to dad yesterday that S never gets sick.
And, as with just about everything else, S is exactly opposite to J. Rather than fever, S is hypothermic (measured twice, his highest oral temp was 93.6). S never misses a meal (and he ate with his usual gusto last night), but this morning, while J ate two bowls of cereal ( to make up for fasting all day yesterday), S ate nothing. J still isn’t 100%, but he has a normal temp, and no “headuck”. While he was eating this morning, he said “I don’t have a headuck in my head anymore, I have a headuck in my tummy,” which I think meant he was so hungry.
So, now I have two boys crashed on couches. It’s quieter than usual, and I feel like I should be grateful for that, but actually, I’m missing the usual high energy level. I hope boys feel back to normal tomorrow!

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