Running in Sierra Leone – part 2

A friend asked me about not finishing the C25K program, and, I realized that I managed to get myself distracted midway through my last post, and didn’t reveal my triumph!  I did finish! Ease Into 5K JournalI don’t know if you can see it, but the top entry is Week 8 Day 3, and marked the final run of the C25K program (although I wasn’t using an approved C25K app!).  Now, I’m tracking my runs (and swims) on Runkeeper:

Runkeeper - Miles per MonthThe orange bars are my swims, and although I’ve logged some swims, I haven’t entered them on Runkeeper.  So, I’m pleased that I’m improving my mileage, and I can feel that I am more fit.  This past couple of weeks in California (more on my vacation in later posts) were lovely for running – no humidity!  It was a bit of a shock to return to the muggy weather of Maryland.


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