Raising book-lovers

The boys went to the library today, and brought home a dozen books between them. We will certainly be reading them all, but not tonight. I’m not sure what got into S, but he was really acting out, and finally I gave him an ultimatum that I never thought I’d hear myself utter – “That’s it, no book for you tonight!”

J got his book, while S sulked on his own bed. He ended up looking at books on his own, and was clearly affronted that I was making good on this punishment. I was sad not to be reading to him, so I hope he’ll be in a better mood tomorrow. But I love that both of them have acquired a love for books – and S is just on the verge of gaining the independence of knowing how to read for himself (which will render tonight’s punishment moot and meaningless soon. And J notices everything – an asks about inconsistencies he notices between the words he’s hearing and the pictures he’s viewing.

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