Pretty active day

The past two weeks, I’ve missed my yoga class on Sunday morning.  I finally made it back today, and was a little worried that I would be out of it, and unable to achieve what I had been doing three weeks ago in class.  But, it turned out to be a wonderful class – I didn’t try to do full-arm balance (handstand) – mostly because of my #22kill #22pushups efforts, which have my shoulders in a constant state of semi-soreness since last Sunday.  But, everything else was great, and I was really happy with my headstand, which was much easier than before.

I left class feeling wonderfully stretched out, and open.  I don’t know of any other activity that gives back so much to the practitioner.

Then, later in the day, I was reminded by my Runkeeper app that today was due for a run, so out I went, and ran 3.32 miles!  Not my fastest pace (the workout was alternating running and walking, so that slowed my time down), but I was glad I did it, and felt nice and warmed up afterward (it was a very chilly 40°F outside today).

And, just now, I did my 8th day of 22 pushups for #22kill.  Not the prettiest pushups in the history of pushups, but done, and the feeling of accomplishment is great.  I actually had run across an article online about a program to work up to 50 pushups over 30 days:

The program sounded doable, and I had bookmarked it to do…sometime. Well, now I’ve had a little push.  When the 22 days are up, maybe I’ll keep going, and follow the program, and see if I can get 50 pushups – good quality ones – mastered!

With that extra upper-body strength, full-arm balance should be a breeze!

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