Power outage

We’re at the 84 hours mark without power since Friday night’s violent thunderstorm, now given the elegant term derecho by the weather people.

Life contracts – we spent hours over the weekend in the clear water of our non-circulating swimming pool, using the power of our arms and legs to circulate the water and prevent the algal bloom that may occur at any moment (may already have done, as we couldn’t get in it last night – too late, and went to a restaurant for dinner).

Yesterday neither boy had camp – I took S to work, and he got a taste of what hospital rounds are like (he even saw a naked man in a room we passed – that struck him as very strange, and I couldn’t offer him a satisfactory explanation). J spent the day with our nanny, who, fortunately has power (and A/C).

Today, S can go to camp, but J can’t. He be with either Dad, or the nanny.

Tomorrow is July fourth, and fireworks are cancelled, and we probably won’t have power, so can’t watch the show on tv. The dog will be happy, not to have the crashing sounds of explosions. We had quite enough of that on the night of the derecho!

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