Clocking too many miles…

Yesterday was a prime example of why I need to locate my home base in Rockville. I had the boys with me this weekend, and we had a great time (for the most part – we’re dealing with some pre-teen angst, and the occasional temper-tantrum on the other end).

But yesterday included three round-trip journeys between Baltimore and Rockville (for me, only two for the boys). And, at the end of that very long day, I was exhausted.

I never did manage to fit in exercise, so yesterday was the first day in eight that I missed a workout or run. And I really have become addicted to exercise!!

The middle trip was because I tried to fit in too many activities into the day – but it was worth it. If I hadn’t done that, I would have had to figure out where to camp out while my kids were at the synagogue participating in Hebrew School, and an enrichment program. I suppose that might have been a good thing – it would have forced me to get some work done. But, I opted to attend a social gathering, which is a challenge for me, and I’m glad I did it.

But, when I’m settled in Rockville, I’ll be able to extend my weekends with the boys to include Sunday overnight to Monday (I can’t deliver boys to school in Rockville if we stay in Baltimore Sunday night). And, it will be less driving, overall.

I’m already preparing to miss my new Baltimore connections, which will be less frequent, but I hope to remain involved. I’m sorry to leave the city – I’ll be here on and off, but I really like being able to walk or bike to work, and the vibrancy of living within a city. And, I was hoping to be part of the regeneration of Baltimore – that’ll happen, but my involvement on a day-to-day basis will have to wait a decade (until both boys have launched).

So, on with the home-purchase process, and anticipating with gritted teeth, the MOVE. I hate moving.