Our son’s gift to us

It’s the fourth night of Hanukkah.

S has been fretting about making us a present, and tonight, he was determined.

I got home late, after a long afternoon at clinic, and trying to reduce the growing pile of lab results and correspondence that has been accumulating in my mailbox. But, when I arrived home. I wasn’t allowed to come into the family room, as S was working hard on a project that had to be a secret.

I was going out – I had an invitation to spend the evening with a group of women and celebrate Hanukkah. It’s always been hard for me to connect with women, but this particular group of women (who were a subset of the party I was attending) have been remarkably warm and welcoming.

I was just getting my coat on to go out, and S said “Wait! Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you!”

And R and I both closed our eyes, and S brought in this creation:




It’s our house! Complete with recycling and trash on the curb (being picked up by the trash collector), our two cars in the driveway, and each family member, joyfully holding hands together, pasted to the front of the house.

Happy Hanukkah!!

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