Life lived through podcasts…

I commute 45 minutes each way, to and from work.

I have always been the half of the partnership, both in my first, and in my present marriage, that has the longer commute.

This arrangement tends to work reasonably well, as I do enjoy driving.

I know exactly the point along I-95 when I will need to change the radio frequency from 88.5 (WAMU) to 88.1 (WYPR) to maintain a clear connection to NPR.  It works until 9am, but if I’m running late, the transition can be jarring, as the programming is not identical at that time.  And the two stations are even more out of sync in the evening, for my drive home.

So, I have come to rely on podcasts on my iPhone/iPod, which I can now play through my car via USB or the accessory connection.  However, the odd thing about that is that I can find myself in a very “tape-delayed” state.  I find that I accumulate podcasts on several of my subscriptions that have been played weeks before on the original broadcast, and I’m catching up days/weeks later.

This delay matters not for some podcasts, most particularly the podcast of The Moth, a program that I have come to love.  And this morning, I was moved deeply by the story, told by Janna Levin – “A young astrophysicist finds wild parallels in her research and personal life.” (this is the description of the story, provided by  Her story has so many points that touch aspects of my own life and story – a scientist, struggling with moving research efforts forward that may not have any chance of success (the usual state of research projects in science); a musician; a baby; England, and most specifically, London.

And the wrap-up is so beautifully achieved!

I have heard of her books, but not read them.

I think, now, that I must put these on my reading list!

I wish I could do more justice to her story, to entice you to go listen, but all I can say is – follow this link, and listen to this lovely story!!

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  1. Cindy Huber says:

    Beautiful! And I love the blogs list you follow idea, I'll be checking some of them out! Thank you, and safe driving tomorrow.

    Cindy Huber

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