Kindergarten, interrupted

Well, we were going along so well, with Days One and Two successfully completed, and no major meltdowns.
We were enjoying a lovely evening at home yesterday, with both boys playing so nicely together, and painting lovely pictures.


J – “the blue is a lake, and the brown is a river, and the green is grass, and there’s a brown bird. the yellow is sand all around”


S – “I started with a lion, and then I drew a buffalo (bottom), then the giraffe under a tree, then a cheetah, and last, the sun has a flock of birds flying in front of it”

We were getting dinner started, and J climbed into my lap and said, “My head hurts.” I gathered him into a hug, and immediately realized that he felt warm. Warm turned to raging hot, and we took his temperature, which he didn’t even allow to complete its digital read, but registered nearly 101ºF with his mouth open.

I took him upstairs to lie down for a few minutes, and he fell fast asleep. But when he woke up about 45 minutes later, he was still burning up, moaning that his throat and his head hurt, and he wouldn’t eat or drink anything. We offered acetaminophen and ibuprofen, in the various forms we had – liquid, tablet – but he refused. As the night wore on, and he continued to be miserable, we even went out for a rectal suppository form, which he categorically refused (“That’s GROSS!!”). We did manage to get him into a tepid bath, but that was only a temporary relief.

So, I spent the night with a very hot little boy, who kept waking every 15-30 minutes crying, and accepting sips of ice water. The best part? About 2am when he all of a sudden sat up, stating “I’m going to barf!” and he did.


Sheets changed, and back to try and recover some sleep, but now even more vigilant for any repeat emesis. No sleep for me (and he only got to sleep for about the last hour of the long night. Poor baby – at about 4am, he woke again, sobbing, holding his head and saying “Ouchy, Ouchy, Ouchy!” And he asked piteously “When is it going to be wake up time?” (Although I couldn’t figure out how the morning was likely to be better than the night).

Today, he stayed home with Dad. When I got home from a long day at work, he was definitely better. We’ll see if he can make it to school tomorrow. And, I’m hoping this little interruption doesn’t make too big an impact on his better than expected first week of Kindergarten.

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