It’s January… 

And I’m watching out for signs of impending SAD. This time of year is always a challenge. The holidays are over, and that always feels like a let down. The weather is cold, and dark. The days are short, and it’s hard to get out and do things that bring me joy. The beach is no fun around here in winter, or maybe it is, but it’s just to far away.

In California, I would drive over the hill to the beach anytime I felt blue, and I always felt renewed, no matter what the weather. I’m reading the Percy Jackson series to my boys, and I feel a kinship to Percy – I might be a daughter of Poseidon, like him. The water heals my soul.

So, what to do to protect myself from falling off the edge into depression? Exercise is good. I went for a run this morning, and felt strong and good. Getting to the pool to swim is excellent – it never seems appealing until I’m actually there, so I need to remind myself that I will feel so good if I push myself to do it. And getting out and being with people is good, and I’m filling up my calendar with get-togethers with friends, both old and new. I think getting out to hear music may be another good idea, and I’m looking forward to hearing jazz tomorrow night.

So I’ll push on through the dark days of January and February and March, and then it’ll be April, and I’ll have gotten through one year of my new single life.

One day at a time.

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  1. Practicing good self care is a.strong way to start the new year! Blessings G’s on your journey this year.

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