In Ein Gedi after the first day of riding

A rainy opening of the ride
Took quite a few beautiful (and less than beautiful) photos today, our first day of riding out of Jerusalem on our way to Eilat. It started in pouring rain, and we were all waiting around getting soaked and shivering while they got the opening ceremony started, and finally let us out of the road. Then it wasn’t much better, because the route was basically all downhill, riding the wet brakes all the way, and the roads were treacherously slippery!

I had a fall in a tunnel heading out from Mt Scopus – my rear wheel fell off!! I think that the quick release bolt was probably loose, and i didn’t think to check it before i road out. silly me!!
Ron happy that he's dry!
Ron and I road the same route down to Mineral, where we stopped on the Dead Sea to have lunch, and then his group (the Challenge route) split off and is staying tonight in Masada, while I am with the regular On-Road group in Ein Gedi.

Tomorrow is our difficult ride – climbing out of the Dead Sea Valley, back up to the plains of the Negev desert.

More later when I can upload photos!

3 thoughts on “In Ein Gedi after the first day of riding

  1. Lis says:

    We are thinking of you…how was the uphill? Day two is over…the rest is a breeze right?!?

  2. Ron Reisler says:

    Hi Janaki-We just came back from Israel on October 22nd.I have a couple of friends (all Americans) who are riding but I don't know if they are in your group. One friend's name is Asher Blass. He is from Jerusalem. Another friend is Yosef Fried he is from Tzufim and another friend from Bet Shemesh named Adam Schwartz. Please be careful in the tunnels and check your tires!!Ron Reisler

  3. Anonymous says:

    I've been wondering how you and Ron are doing and it's good to hear how the trip is going–will be especially glad to hear after your hard day tomorrow is over. Love, Pam

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