I’m itchy now!

I was really hoping that after two exhausting weekends out of town, and a busy week in between last week, that today we could finally settle back into the normal routines. That hope was shattered when I looked down at J’s scalp on returning home, and discovered that he had a nice infestation of head lice. Ugh!

So out to the drug store for a bottle of Piperonyl butoxide (4%) + Pyrethrum extract (generic equivalent of RID), and came home to apply it to J’s head. He was amazingly cooperative, sitting still for me to fully apply the solution, and rub it into his scalp. We then had the option of combing out his hair, which was likely to take an extended amount of time, or I offered him the option of shaving all his hair off. Much to my surprise, he went for the latter!

The trouble is, for the past 6 months or so, J has refused to allow his hair to be cut, which is all my fault. I initially bought a cheap hair clipper and it pulled the boys’ hair more and more as the blades got misaligned. I replaced that with a slightly more expensive clipper, which ended up doing the same thing. So, J lost faith in me and my clippers. We now have a nice set of clippers, but he is distrustful; I can’t blame him, but his hair has gotten much too long. His curls are lovely, but they have to be shaped and tamed a bit.

But, in the interest of getting rid of the lice, he was all for it! And, now he has a smooth pate! It looks almost like it did when we first met him.



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