Google Earth

Fairly recently, I loaded a live wallpaper app on my Pixel XL phone, because it was linked to the cool case I got. 

Mine is the one on the far left. The cool thing is that when you attach the phone into the case, it offers you the option of setting your wallpaper (phone screen background) or lock screen to a random image from Google Earth. 

So, every hour, my phone does me a different view of the world. Right now, I’m seeing:

And, by pressing the button on the case, I can find out where this image is located, in this case, in Mauritania:

The close – up images are amazing, but the orientation is often surprising. I’m not completely sure what conclusion I draw from this, but i do think it’s good to be confronted by images of places far and near at close up, or from a distance. We need, I think, to try and do what we can to stay or get connected to people across the planet. 

Here’s another example, a little more beautiful than the first:

Its in Spain-

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