First week of school

This week, S started kindergarten, which meant that J was at preschool WITHOUT his big brother. And, for me, the worst part was that I had to attend a course that had me out of the house each day before the boys had even finished their breakfasts, and I ended up missing this momentous week.

So, I heard about it second-hand – from the Abba (dad) who clearly did a great job, and from both kids at the end of the day. S is clearly thrilled with his new school, and the bus-ride to and fro, and all the other new things that he’s experiencing. J, in contrast, was apparently “distraught”, and, when I got home at the end of the day he kept asking “When do I get to go to MY kindergarten?!?”

But, today, Day #2, seemed to go better for J, while S was clearly still loving his new environment. He seems unfazed by the longer day – still full of energy in the afternoon/evening. I’m excited to be done with my course tomorrow, and return to the action with the kids for the last two days o this week!

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