First day of school – the afternoon

So getting on the bus in the morning went surprisingly well, and i had promised J that I would pick him up early from day care. I approached the multipurpose room with some trepidation, half expecting an exhausted and upset little boy. To my delight, all the kids were seated together at the far end of the room, attentively following the directions of one of the staff. And J was sitting next to S, who was helping him to stand up and follow the directions. S has been impatient with his little brother for being so nervous about school. He just can’t relate.
But even if he’s baffled by his brother’s fears, he still steps up to support him.
J wanted to leave, but S wanted to stay for dodge ball. I had to complete some forms, so E stayed for a bit. J snuggled up next to me, put his face close to my ear and whispered “I am NOT going back to kindergarten tomorrow!”
I had to hold back my laughter. He was dead serious, and i thought “Oh no, what’s tomorrow going to look like.”
I didn’t say anything, figuring that any reply, whether a simple acknowledgement or an argument about how great he did today, and how proud I am off him, was likely to just fix his resolve not to go back..
Later, when Dad got home, the response he got to the question “How was your day?” was an initial “I had fun!” followed immediately by a loud denial “No, I mean, I had no fun at all!”
So, this morning, we had no idea what to expect.
Wake up, brushing teeth and getting dressed went smooth as silk, followed by breakfast, with plenty of time to finish reading the first Captain Underpants book (by Dav Pilkey).


There was the slightest hesitation on the way to the bus, when J thought he’d rather be driven to school, and wouldn’t accept that we didn’t have time for that today (let alone we really want to get him used to the bus routine). He thought that S wouldn’t sit next to him, and so E walked over to where S was standing, waiting, and asked him if J could sit with him. He replied, just a bit sullenly that he never said he wouldn’t, so J quieted down and climbed onto the bus when it came, with a peep of protest.
So two days down, a couple of hundred to go. We’re going to survive this kindergarten year, I hope.

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