Day 2 – the dreaded climb!

This first photo shows us at the rest stop after taking a nice easy, gorgeous ride up the coast of the Dead Sea – it was so beautiful that i didn’t take photos!!! This was the best pit stop as far as bathrooms went – AC and everything!

The departure for the climb was the Zohar crossing (for those who know it), and, as promised, the grade was steep right from the start. The second photo shows me at the “Lookout point” which was at the top of the steepest 5 miles. I was coached up the hill by a wonderful and generous fellow-rider, Lori Motola, from NJ, who counselled me on breathing slowly, in through the nose, and out through the mouth, sitting well back in the seat to maximize the angle of the quadriceps muscles to push through the pedals, and to make short-term targets – “we can get to that bush, we can get to that traffic sign – don’t try to climb the whole mountain, do small chunks at a time”. What great advice, for life, as well as biking!! So, first, me at the lookiout point, and then a shot of my friend Lori!
At the Lookout
  Lori Motola

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – the dreaded climb!

  1. Lori Motola says:

    Hey JanakiI think your mention of me is the first time someone has mentioned me in any blog! It was great riding with you and if you want to join me in my challenge I am hoping to climb Kilimanjaro at the end of August. I am sure you are up to date on the shots. Regards to Ron.Lori Motola

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bravo, Janaki and Ron! Hope this is a lifetime memory for both of you. Ironic, your comment about the Dead Sea and 0m (Om?). Perfect for a meditator.Be well; enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Eilat. Thx for info on the shul there. Eilat is a really cool place. Be well. Shabbat Shalom and Niseah Tovah to you both. Love, –Regina

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