Embracing athleticism

I’ve become a runner. I am embracing that identity. Two years ago, I hated running. I did it occasionally, but never ran further than 2 miles, and disliked every pounding step.

For reasons that I can’t really identify, I started running regularly and farther about a year and a half ago. Once I got past the 3 mile distance, I discovered the runner’s high – I finally got it – why runners love to run. I signed up for 5k runs, then did two 10k runs. Next spring, I’m signed up for a half marathon (watch this space – I’m gonna have to start fundraising).

And my legs are firm and strong like they’ve never been in my life. I was a swimmer in high school and college, but not a highly competitive one. I’ve done yoga most of my life, but never with dedication our regularity. This regular running is a truly new experience for me of being more “in my body” than I’ve ever been before. I’ve always experienced life more in my head.

Three weeks ago, I started working with a personal trainer at the gym. Another completely new experience. My goal, now that my legs are strong, is to get my core and your body caught up. I’m pretty much like Olive Oyl – really skinny arms. So, now I’m getting stronger all over, and it is a totally new experience. I definitely feel more confident.

So, from Olive Oyl to Wonder Woman?