Car conversations

We were on our way to the bus pickup point this morning for the boys summer camp.

The drive takes about 20 minutes.

J: “Is turkey bacon kosher?”

Me: “Yes, if the turkey was killed in a kosher manner.”

J: “I want to get a peacock and kill it and eat it. Is peacock kosher?”

Me: “I don’t think so, but why would you want to do that? Peacocks are beautiful to look at – we don’t kill them and eat them.”

J: “Are peacocks afraid of dinosaurs?”

Me: “Dinosaurs were extinct long before peacocks appeared.”

J: “Well, what about mummies. Are peacocks afraid of mummies?”

Me: “I wouldn’t think peacocks would know anything about mummies, so they wouldn’t be scared.”

S: “Besides, mummies are dead!”

J: “What about vampires, would vampires drink the blood of peacocks?”

S: “Vampires aren’t real!”

J: “So, who would win: vampires or peacocks?”

S (exasperated): “But, vampires aren’t real!”

There was a little more in this surreal vein. Then we got to the drop-off point. It was a little chilly, and J wanted his sweatshirt on. I pulled his Spider-Man sweatshirt over his head, and felt a small round object in the front pocket. I pulled it out, and it looked like this:


J said: “That’s a present for you, Mommy.” So I put it in my pocket.

And, half-way through my busy day today, seeing lots of sick patients, and a few well ones, I put my hand in my pocket, and found this odd little grape-shaped plastic something, and it made me smile.

Aren’t kids fun?

I think I may put it back in my pocket tomorrow…

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